About Car Magnets

Are All Vehicle Signs the Same?

No, Not all car signs are the same, there are many different ways to make signs, each process will give a different result. There are two very important factors to consider when purchasing car signs.

The first and most important factor is THE BASE MAGNET MATERIAL. The base material is the most critical because the good ones will give you trouble free advertising, while the bad ones will become stuck to the vehicle and not come away without taking the paint with it. This is an expensive result if you try to buy "cheap" signs.

For outdoor use and for vehicles we use and recommend "Premium" brand car magnet material. This material is especially designed to take the harsh condition of the Australian sun without damage to your vehicle. We can print full colour signs or use the vinyl cut process. This is a standard .8 thickness. We import this product ourselves and are confident that it meets the standards required.

There is no such thing as coloured car magnet. This is a cheap product that is designed for indoor use. It will damage the car and should be avoided. We use white and adhere quality vinyl to change it's colour.

The second most important is the DURABILITY OF THE PRINTED SURFACE. Poor quality printed images tend to fade in the sun very quickly. Red becomes pink, and yellow disappears completely. Some processes can fade within a year and parts will become unreadable. We use and recommend Avery 7 year vinyl. It won't fade and it won't curl up and fall off like some cheap signs that you may have seen on street signs and shop fronts. 

Once you find a supplier that you trust you should stick to them. The old adage of "you get what you pay for" is very true of car signs.

You should measure the vehicle and advise us of the size your require. We can give you an accurate quote if you give us the correct sizes. 

Clever Tip for a firm hold - your car magnet should not go over recessed areas and mouldings. They should never be used on the bonnet of the car.
Can you custom make a special sized car sign for my business? 

Yes, we can make any size that you require. 

Why are your prices so competitive? 
We keep our prices low because we import our own raw materials.  Our in house production service helps you save money. We have state of the art production processes and the most up to date technology.  

What do your prices include?
Our prices include GST and emailed proofs. If there are any additional charges you will be quoted up front before we start manufacturing your signs.